Aircraft Availability

Home to the B-24, B-29 Squadron (Banner (Landscape))

At the Henry B. Tippie National Aviation Education Center, there is no such thing as a stationary airplane. Aircraft fly in and out of the Victor N. Agather hangar,  giving tours and educating people across the country.

Our hangar is the home of the B-29 Superfortress FIFI and B-24 Liberator Diamond Lil. *Both aircraft call the NAEC home but are scheduled to go on tour for parts of the year. and will not be available in the hangar. For information on the B-29/B-24 Squadron and tour dates head over to their website HERE*

Several aircraft from around the country stop by to rest their wings in our hangar throughout the year!

Therefore, aircraft are not guaranteed to be on-site when you purchase your ticket for admission. If you, or a member of your party, are interested in the availability of a specific aircraft, we ask that you call or email ahead of time. For up-to-date information on aircraft schedules, subscribe to our email list below.

The CAF’s collection of aircraft is located across the country.  Do you want to ride on one of these legendary aircraft? Click Here for more information on how to purchase a seat.