Home Front Experience


Participants will take on the role of an individual who lives in Anytown, USA. Anytown is a community that represents all towns across the United States in that EVERYONE contributed to the Allied effort to win WWII. The Home Front Experience blends history with science, math, reading, financial literacy, and more. It is a content-integrated approach that embeds TEKS from various subject areas.

Frequently Asked Questions


What age is this appropriate for?

The Home Front Experience is appropriate for grades 4 through adult. This is also a highly engaging teacher professional development or corporate team building program that emphasizes content integration, collaboration, communication, team building and fun!

Home Front Experience is ideal for all student types, including struggling learners, Gifted & Talented, PreAP, AP, Montessori, International Baccalaureate, Single-Gender campus, STEM/STEAM, P-Tech and Early College.

 How long does it take?

2.5 hours

 How many participants can do the experience?

This hands-on, highly interactive Home Front Experience can host 21-33 participants.

 What does it cost?

Cost per class of 21-33 students, including up to 3 adults, is $300 for a half-day session.

A full day at the NAEC, including a self-guided museum exhibit and aircraft hangar tour, as well as the Home Front Experience, begins at $400.

Are there materials that we can take after the experience to continue the learning afterwards?

Yes!  Each class will receive their outgoing, censored mail, 6 copies of the Week 5 newspaper and a myriad of classroom extensions for the rest of the school year.



Can I receive PD credit?

As a Texas Education Agency (TEA) accredited Continuing Professional Education (CPE) provider, this experience is offered as CPE in either half-day or full day sessions.

 How do I sign up?

Contact btownsend@cafhq.org

Tell me more about the experience

Each participant is assigned a character and family. During a 20-minute “week,” participants will role play working through the challenges of daily life, seeing to food, shelter, education, and employment while also supporting the fight for freedom.


“Weekend” designated time allows for family regrouping, a radio broadcast “Fireside Chat” or Theater news reel. The family can also peruse the “weekly” newspaper. Each of these medias will inform the participants of information vital to the events that will take place in the subsequent weeks. The experience includes 4 weeks (20 minutes each), 3 weekends (5 min), with the 4th weekend being a customized debriefing to solidify concepts mastered.


All the characters in the Home Front Experience are real or based on real historical figures. Letters mailed and received during the experience are historically accurate with historical figures represented. For example, the town movie theater operator, William Thompkins, served in the Spanish-American War as a Buffalo Soldier and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Characters, both seen and unseen, have a plethora of primary documents or further information about their lives and service for follow-up learning. This is a experience that can easily be used to activate prior learning throughout the entire school year.


Families have a budget, receive incomes and some can supplement their earnings. Financial literacy is an embedded piece of this experience.

What is the debrief?

Schools or teams may choose the focus, standards, or concepts that need to be solidified for a custom-tailored debriefing of the experience at the conclusion of the experience. They can be anything from a standard such as “properties of metal” and “persuasive language” to leadership, problem solving, and communication and much more.


Can we eat lunch on site?

A place will be provided to dine during a full day for students to bring sack lunches.   We do not have food on site for purchase.


What about COVID?

The Home Front classroom is equipped with hospital-grade UVC upper air cleaners to sterilize 99.3% of airborne pathogens, including COVID-19.



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